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Since our brand came into being and took its role of providing ocean freight services, we have been making history tremendously. Experts in dealing with supply chain issues, we are considered the best in developing sustainable solutions. For the FCL or LCL services and more, at present, we are operating enthusiastically across more than 20 countries.

We are observed as the trend settlers; our clients satisfactorily claim that we have been setting the bar higher as we excel in our supply chain solutions. The crew of our brand copes well with the logistics challenges while being well-equipped for the task. A fine approach regarding customer satisfaction is a bit of a cult now. Once you avail of our services, there will not be a requirement to explain the way we implement the best sections of our policy. Our ocean freight services stand out among our competitors. The team of experts thrives collectively to bring a visible improvement in our client’s operations.

We shall ensure an unregretful experience, and our staff will leave behind a commendable service delivery record while dealing with breakbulk shipment or Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo.

These ocean freight services are becoming trendy as well as the need of the hour and require a better standard regarding logistics services; it is a very soothing realization that we timely look out for missing areas. Thus, a stitch in time saves nine, and the job is nicely done. It is not a matter to worry about when you can rely on our professionals for class-apart and flawless teamwork over your shipments.

Our Ocean Freight services:

  • Competitive transportation price in ocean freight
  • Cargo track and trace
  • Full container service (FCL)
  • FCL, LCL consolidation service
  • Import & Export
  • Door-to-Door delivery
  • Project Cargo
  • Customs clearance & documentation
  • Less-than-container service (LCL)
  • Refrigerated and dry van

Why should you rely on our ocean freight services?

Globally recognized, cherished and trusted, we are a brand with extensive expertise in the Foreign Trade Zones and Suggestive Decision Making for cargo/shipments. Our clients welcome our suggestions and seek more expert opinions on the shipment via our well-trained professionals. We succeeded in making our mark across the lands and oceans, attaining entrusted clientele. Our team carves out mind-blowing supply chain outcomes from creative ideas and effective logistics solutions. Collaborating with our clients in the long term based on their enhanced trust with each quote, we serve them to ensure economically friendly and efficient operations.

We have a good understanding of high-paced scenarios in our clients’ targeted markets, making us an ultimately trustworthy solution provider. Our crew remarkably achieves it all through consistent collaboration and ideal teamwork.

How do we avoid failure in shipments?

There are countless possibilities of encountering an issue while ensuring successful shipping. As we take care of delivery services across the lands and water, we may end up receiving complaints regularly. But we don’t get failure complaints!

There is absolutely none of the secret algorithms to eradicate those failure possibilities, but then we do a lot to reduce these issues and boost our clients’ satisfaction. All this depends on proper delivery management, and we pay homage to our entire team for bringing us to where we stand today.

Double-Check The Packaging

One of the primary causes of freight service failure is damaged or poorly done packaging. Failure brings an unseen downfall; we lose clients, and investments go in vain. It is of utmost importance to have a clear idea about the items we are shipping, so we can plan the packaging accordingly. The structural integrity of most shipping boxes faces its share of significant breakdowns before the completion of a single journey. We ensure the boxes are correctly sized and packed; above all, the boxes are not being reused. Our professionals have the heart to realize the time and effort our clients put into creating special, customized products; we do not let them and their efforts go down. Those are not just shipments but emotions packed inside the boxes. The fragility of items varies depending upon weight, size and stuff. It is all well taken care of at our platform.

Absolute Bill Of Landing – BOL

Every door lock needs a key. Consider the Bill of Lading as the key document every freight shipment requires. A piece of paper which is authentic, legal and contains all the mandatory details for processing the freight correctly at both ends; the end of the receiver and the sender. It lessens the chances of wrongly punched invoices too. The bill of lading is formally based on the complete names and addresses of the shipper and the consignee’s, the dating record of the shipment, the total number of units being shipped and the type of packaging etc. Our crew double-checks, verifies and approves all these processes/steps while shipping across the waters.

Ensuring Correctly Listed Address

Mistakes, even if minor and clumsy, have the similar deadliest impact on costing you a fortune and causing an unexpected delay in your shipment. If our team notices a wrong address listed, they do not carelessly ship it to the wrong address. But first, to be sure of the address, we contact the sender to cross-verify if it is right or wrong. Conclusively, we save time on re-routing the shipment to the right address. No extra fee, no missed deadlines and no unhappy clients.

More On Our Services:

Ocean Freight As An International Service:

We are a licensed FCL & LCL shipment service provider; our ocean freight drawing on its experience towards newer heights makes us capable of negotiating with the increasingly large ocean carriers and shipping lines.

Our experts superlatively replace air freight with our trusted ocean freight international service, allowing our clients to ship across 20 countries via ocean. The services that we offer are exceptionally full of varieties; the door-to-door ocean transportation service and our POM (purchase order management) will leave you jaw-dropped. The expert crew manages consolidation/deconsolidation using effective methods like it is a cup of tea for them. These are all managed with supreme service levels. International shipping is becoming increasingly complex, and we are here to ease the burden off your shoulders when it comes to your ocean freight services needs. Just to let you know:

FCL – Full Container Loads – filling the container with your goods for shipment

LCL – Less Than Container Loads – leaving some room in the container by not filling it with goods entirely for shipment

Covid-19 – Unaffected Shipment Procedures:

The Coronavirus-2019 made several businesses kneel and surrender to economic downfall, but the supply chains faced different challenges during this pandemic. Our global logistics crew is backing our clients with instant transportation of medical supplies, managing urgent freight requests flawlessly. Feel free to reach out during these times; we would be more than glad to support and sort out your shipment needs.

Get A Quote Today:

Reach out to us now to get a quote, and let this pleasant experience begin by allowing us to give you several reasons for getting back to us for ocean freight services.

We can file the customs single transaction bond and continuous bond coverage for the customer and provide cargo insurance
for the shipment. We can clear shipment electronically from different ports in the US via our remote filing system

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