If you are seeking to streamline your supply chain,searching for a company who can Manage your shipments
professionally & cost effectively,we are here ready to help you with tailer made business solutions.

New York CFS Warehouse Service

        We all need storage space, but Where? How big? How much? Are questions that soon follow. In a place as big as New York and surrounding cities it can be challenging to find any space for a good rate and that’s where we can help. Being located in Queens we understand. Here at Speed C Chb Inc. our dedicated staff will tailor a plan that’s made just for you, because we understand not every situation and budget is the same. By cutting unnecessary costs and being close proximity to JFK International Airport and the Port of New York and New Jersey allows us to not only to keep costs down for you but also provide quick and easy access to and from our facilities. By using our Container Freight Service (CFS) and transportation services your products for delivery or storing with having minimal distance traveled.

What is Speed C Chb Inc. NY CFS Warehouse & Logistics service?

       JFK just happens to be the fourth-largest U.S. gateway for international air cargo traffic and just recently getting it’s first new cargo facility in 20 years. Not only that but the Ports of New York and New Jersey will be getting a new facility as well, with 48,000- square-foot cargo processing center on more than 26 acres. Now with Speed C Chb Inc. making their presence known by taking a bite out of the Big Apple. As we update our facility as well as our counterparts, together we can create better service to our clients and our networks.

Why should I choose  NY Speed C Chb Inc. for warehousing and distribution needs?

        Location is everything and being situated where we are allows us to acquire your shipment quickly. We offer eCommerce solutions because we know that being in the know is just as important and the logistics of everything else. So no matter what service or product your company needs you can utilize intel within our network to make reassure that things with get done properly. Also our eCommerce will help streamline the process for every client so there are no surprises. This helps up speed up productivity but also provide real-time information. We thrive on having the best intel, locations, and prices around.

        Whether you need long or short time storage, whether big or small we like to create the perfect scenario for you. We like to treat each of our clients like they matter, because you really do. Here at Speed C Chb Inc. we have everything you need put your mind and ease and to keep your business running successful. Locally or internationally we provide the tools so you can be able to access your supply chain through our network. We are your one stop shop for all your customs brokerage and warehouse needs. So call us today for your free quote today.

We can file the customs single transaction bond and continuous bond coverage for the customer and provide cargo insurance
for the shipment. We can clear shipment electronically from different ports in the US via our remote filing system

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