Power Up Your Business with Speed C Chb Inc. Air and Ocean Freight & Customs Brokerage Services

Logistics is a challenging field that has been evolving for centuries. We’re constantly developing new ways to improve efficiency and sustainability; so, we can provide you with more value-added solutions – no matter where in the world your business operates from or who its customers maybe!

Our team operates multiple distribution centers/offices around various regions, which means there’s one available near any customer base needed—giving them access not only to reliable service but also fast turnaround times on products ordered by volume discount programs.

We have Customer Brokers and provides Customer Brokerage service.

With our bespoke system for supply chain management, we offer your company an unparalleled insight into the global nature of their business. With our end-to-help, you gain a deeper understanding of your global supply chain, from upstream to downstream processes; no detail goes unnoticed! We pride ourselves not only on being the best at what we do but also on making it possible through sustainable practices.

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Our Services

We’re the company that makes trade easier for businesses of every size. We offer cutting-edge technology and strategies tailored to help large companies, while still giving smaller operators peace of mind with our get-it-done service ethic!

Air Freight

We recognize that each client is unique, therefore, their requirements for shipping and handling are unique. At our core, we are problem solvers and we’ll take the time to custom design a freight solution to meet all your needs.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight has matured into an efficient method of transport, offering a variety of options for specific shipping needs. We have built relationships with all major International Ocean Carriers to afford our customers.

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Speed C Customs Brokers provides exceptional service to all types of importers in a wide variety of industries. We have Customer Brokers and provides Customer Brokerage service. Our Licensed Customs Brokers will work with you to expedite the customs clearance of your shipment.

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Trucking these days is a sophisticated means of transport that offers cost-effective options and transit times to meet the needs of the shipper. All of our trucks are monitored for departures and arrivals.

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CFS Warehouse & Logistics

Speed C provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners. Our decades of experience combined with our extensive global networks.

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Location Filing

As an approved broker we can transmit electronic entry data via the ABI to ports with RLF capabilities. As soon as the entry is transmitted and released from Customs and other Government agencies, it is one of its ways to the customer.

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Why Choose Speed CCHB?

 Delivering world-class service everywhere

We engage in delivering the highest quality care to all customers around the globe, so they can feel confident about their purchases and future interactions with us no matter where those happen!

 We believe in the power of individuality

Our personalized approach is designed to meet the specific needs each client has, which makes us stand out from other agencies! Also, we provide a space for your creative output to come through.

 Our team is the best in business

Our team is the best in business, and we’re not just talking about it. We back up our claims with facts so you can take a deep breath knowing your satisfaction matters to us.

 The care and consideration we provide to every customer

The care and consideration we provide to every customer, no matter where they are from or how much money is involved make us the perfect company for all your international shipping needs.

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As an international logistics service provider,our never-changing goal is
to provide best & personalized service to the trade community.

From air and ocean freight to customs brokerage – We’ll take care of it all

Speed C Chb Inc. Customs Brokerage is the best one-stop-shop for all your customs brokerage needs. Yes, Speed C Chb Inc. has everything you need to be a successful customs brokers; from classification, and clearance to post-entry services, our uniform processes make sure procedures are done the right first time around.

We offer eCommerce abilities so that no matter what service or product type your company deals in they can adapt quickly with us as their partner. Also, our eCommerce abilities help keep procedures standard across every client so there are no surprises when it comes up with doing business internationally. Read More